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Naturopaths in Edmonds

"I look beyond the labels often associated with long term illness to identify the physiological factors that allowed illness to manifest. I work cooperatively with my patients and colleagues to create custom treatment plans that largely focus on specialized treatment modalities including neural therapy techniques, intravenous therapies, botanical medicine and functional nutrition. I emphasize education to empower my patients to make informed decisions about their health."
Edmonds, Washington 98020
(425) 224-5654
"I was recently certified as one of the first physicians in the Seattle area in the BioTE Bioidentical hormone replacement technique. This complements my naturopathic approach allowing me to best address age management issues. You are dealing with peri menopausal symptoms, or andropause as a man, and want to balance your hormones, optimizing your energy and sexual function."
Edmonds, Washington 98026
(425) 250-6133
Naturopath, MA, ND, DipAc, LAc
"Dr. Kitaeff was the first Western graduate of Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in Japan, a member of the first graduating class of naturopathic physicians from Bastyr University in Seattle, and the first acupuncturist or naturopathic physician to be appointed to the staff of a hospital in the Northwest. He was a co-founder and director of a major acupuncture college and the Washington state acupuncture association. He lectures internationally and has published articles and book chapters in journals and textbooks on natural medicine. For 30 years, he has owned and directed a Seattle area natural medicine center with 10 practitioners."
Edmonds, Washington 98026
(425) 358-4252
"I work with patients to determine underlying factors that may be involved with the creation of their particular disease, or inhibition of their general wellness. My practice has a strong focus on the treatment of complex chronic disease, as well as optimizing health in those whose goal is increased vitality and the prevention of future illness. I also enjoy working with those who are planning to become pregnant to optimize fertility and create wellness for both parents and their children."
Edmonds, Washington 98020
(425) 903-3842
Naturopath, ND, EAMP, MS, DiplOM
"As a college student I found myself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed and not sure how to deal with all of these emotions. I finally decided to go see a naturopath acupuncturist, and I was blown away by the compassionate care that I received. Instead of having a bunch of medications thrown at me, the doctor took the time to really listen and get to the root of the problem to help me work through that difficult time."
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