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Naturopaths in Virginia (VA)

"I have been in the natural health field for ~25 years. I got interested in this field when a naturopath virtually saved my life through natural means; my husband avoided lung surgery in a similar manner. If you suffer from chronic illness or pain, any type of toxicity or emotional issues, we can help. We offer a full range of natural, non-invasive protocols and have many happy clients through-out the country and some foreign lands. Our philosophy is "Wellness from the Inside Out, Naturally"."
Naturopath, ND, MES
"If you have been suffering and have been unable to find relief through traditional western medicine, I would like to help you discover the underlying causes of your pain and find a natural, holistic way to overcome them. I truly believe that your body can heal itself if given the right nutrients, and I am here to help you discover just what nutrients your body is looking for."
"We relish working on complex cases, sleuthing out the root cause of mysterious symptoms. The root cause is critical. Too often doctors merely manage a complex case by giving multiple drugs. We prefer to try to cure the problem, not just manage it forever. This requires significant time carefully listening to you; the first office visit will run 1 1/2 hours so we can delve deeply into the whole course of your issue. Whether you are dealing with a chronic disease, a sudden onset acute problem, or things are just not "right", we can help you improve the situation."
"Credentialed, experienced, Naturopathic Doctors will discuss ALL health issues. Thirty years in practice as a Physician Assistant and Urgent Care managing partner. Eleven years as a dedicated Naturopathic Physician. Diana Pengitore, ND, my colleague, is an honor graduate of the Clayton College of Natural Health and Master Reflexologist, Naturopath and a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. Kinesiology, Iridology, Reflexology, detox, dietary, educational and lifestyle approaches are used extensively in restoring healthy balance. Naturopathic visits are NOT covered by health insurance. A $40.00 fee is required for all appointments, which is applied to your visit charge."
"I work with a broad range of conditions in both the adult and pediatric populations using primarily homeopathy and individualized nutrition. I find these two therapies to be extremely effective in most cases. I also use nutritional and botanical supplementation. People are routinely amazed at the results of homeopathy, which is highly individualized and stimulates the body to heal itself both physically, emotionally. Please visit my website to learn more."
Naturopath, ND, MH, CNC, CHS, DHS
"You are a real person with a real issue, whether that issue is to improve overall health or a specific complaint like chronic fatigue, weight loss, or stress. Many are frustrated and tired of being treated as a number or diagnosis. Your body and mind are unique and require a unique treatment approach. My goal is to empower you with the information, nutrition and supplementation to help you get well. An initial consultation is usually one to two hours long and addresses both mental and physical concerns. I truly believe every person is meant to be healthy and energetic - to find their healthy groove."
"With the combination of my four years as consultant on use of bio-identical hormones, eight years in private practice and five years in research, this has given me valuable work and clinical experience in helping me to be a better doctor. Furthermore, it has given me insight into applying both the science and the art of practicing medicine. I feel very privileged to have worked with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD during my first three years in practice in Seattle, WA in which cutting edge treatments were used for several chronic conditions."
Naturopath, ND
"I work with you to optimize your well-being and balance your body through herbal medicines, nutrition, exercise, energetic therapies, and lifestyle changes. As a naturopath, a life coach and a bioconscious therapist, we can work in a holistic manner to help you improve your life, your health, your well-being. While we work very much with the physical body, an understanding of the energetic and intertwined nature of our health is a key element to my services to you. and for more infor."
Naturopath, DNM, ND
"Naturopaths believe that the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself. We also believe in treating the whole body and we do not focus on the treatment of the symptoms. We reach the causes of diseases, whether that is bioenergetic, emotional, viral, parasitic, heavy metal, chemical, environmental, food related, water intake related, bacteria related, and more. As your naturopath, I become your personal health care advocate reviewing ways and means for you to achieve the health that you deserve. I am dedicated to your success and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you achieve optimal health."
"As a Naturopath, I speak two languages, Western and Eastern Medicine. In other words, I understand why your doctor is prescribing the medicine he/she is and what I can do is offer you natural alternatives. Naturopaths are ideally suited to approach health from three important areas, one diet/nutrition, two herbs/supplements/homeopathy, and three exercise and lifestyle. The clients who walk in my office feel that they are not feeling better on medicine or are tired of taking pharmaceuticals. My clients are interested in a high quality of life free from nutrition based ilnesses."
"I enjoy helping people of all ages to achieve their best health ever. I take the time to talk with my patients in order to understand the deeper causes of their symptoms. My treatments and therapies are natural and gentle while still being highly effective. I specialize in the use of integrated and naturopathic medicine for addressing specific complaints as well as improving overall health and well-being. I work with my client to create a treatment plan that will help establish a foundation for lifelong health in addition to"
"Dr. Autumn Frandsen treats autoimmune and thyroid conditions, Lyme disease, mood disorders, obesity, fibromyalgia, CFS, allergies, and dermatological conditions. She treats all ages, offering the most gentle and natural options first, using Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbs, nutritional and lifestyle modifications. She also provides acute care naturally. She uses therapeutic diets and is a certified ART practitioner. Dr. Frandsen also offers aesthetic and weight loss services. She uses noninvasive testing methods to diagnose and oral immunotherapy to desensitize patients to environmental allergens such as molds, animals, pollens, and inhalants as well as chemicals and foods."
Office is near:
Leesburg, Virginia 20175
(301) 276-7404
"Dr. Ciuha has a unique approach to health and disease. She practices holistic family medicine with emphasis on dermatology, women's and children's health, and digestive disorders/food sensitivities. Dr. Ciuha has a conventional medical approach to diagnosis, and she uses physical examination, clinical labs and imaging tests to identify the cause of the problem. The choice of treatment then is based on the individual patient's needs, and may include dietary and lifestyle modifications, nutritional therapies, botanical therapies, physical medicine, as well as certain prescription medications."
Office is near:
Alexandria, Virginia 22310
(703) 596-0660
"When your hormones are balanced you are healthy, energetic and ready for anything. You have energy for your home and work life. However, if you are experiencing an imbalance in your hormones your hormones, you may feel overwhelmed with one or more issues. Call for a free consultation to learn how we can work together to get you back on track with you energy, health and vitality! When you are feeling good you can take on any task. Let's get you there!"
Office is near:
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
(202) 681-0705
"I am passionate about using scientifically based, holistic medicine to successfully guide my patients into well-being. Whether you have a chronic or acute condition or simply want to learn how to better manage your health concerns in a preventative manner, I will dedicate my time to bring you into your optimal health. I find that IV vitamin therapy, colonic irrigation , fasting and Nutritional support through medical grade supplements, dietary make overs, and botanical medicine, are all powerful tools to better health. My practice accepts all age groups and genders."
Office is near:
Arlington, Virginia 22209
(202) 759-4441