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Naturopaths in New Hampshire (NH)

"I help patients to discover the true causes of their health concerns, instead of simply masking symptoms with medications. I am experienced in designing successful plans for both immediate and long term relief for patients. A few of my specialties include: pediatric concerns- especially ADD/ADHD, allergies, eczema, frequent ear infections and constipation, women's health including menopausal complaints as well as other hormonal concerns, weight management, GERD, intestinal complaints, cholesterol problems, hypertension, asthma, osteoporosis, and chronic sinus infections. I can work together with your PCP to bring you the best in integrative care. Questions about services? Please feel free to email or call me."
Derry, New Hampshire 03038
(603) 769-4527
"The Luna Center for Natural Health offers a holistic natural approach to medicine. Using effective treatment, individual protocols for each patient, and guidance in making healthy decisions for the whole family. Dr. Miller specializes in Family Healthcare, Pediatrics, Chronic Disease, and Anxiety."
Dover, New Hampshire 03820
(603) 592-5575
"My main focuses are tick borne disease such as Lyme disease, women's health, naturopathic pediatrics, cancer support, endocrinology, rheumatology, and gastroenterology. I often work in conjunction with medical doctors to best serve the patients needs and balance out their healthcare experience. My ideal patient is anyone who is looking to feel better."
"I believe the experience of health and disease is a complex interplay of physical, psychological, emotional, social, and economic factors. I integrate each of these aspects of the self into care for each of my patients. When we are physically, emotionally, and cognitively healthy, have meaningful relationships, and our life's work aligns with our beliefs and values, we experience true health. My particular health interests include: Lyme and associated tick borne diseases, brain health, men's health, gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular health and diabetes, pain management, fatigue, stress management, and autoimmune diseases."
"As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist in New Hampshire, I use safe and effective natural therapies to improve health, prevent illness, and treat pain and disease. In my private practice, I am committed to providing high quality, affordable, integrative health care in a comfortable environment. Using both acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, my treatments are comprehensive and personalized."
Naturopath, ND, PhD, LAc, FABNO
"Human Nature Natural Health is a naturopathic clinic that focuses on treating The Unique Individual That is You! Whether your goal is healing from a chronic disease, treating cancer, or Lyme Disease or achieving optimum health & aging gracefully, we can help. With over 25 years experience in the scientific & health care fields, Dr Bier is a Naturopathic doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, PhD in Human Services with a focus in Therapeutic Nutrition, & a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. With experience in clinical, research & academic positions, he brings together Western and Eastern medicine to provide the best in natural health."
Naturopath, ND
"Integrative medicine combines the best of conventional and complimentary medicine to help you enjoy robust health. Identifying and treating the cause of your health issues, not just treating symptoms, is essential to recovery and feeling great. Each patient is unique and I customize your treatment to meet your individual needs, at your pace. As a licensed naturopathic doctor, I have expertise in using effective treatment plans to support you on the road to recovery. You matter!"