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Prolotherapy Naturopaths in Corona

Area auto widened to Riverside County - only one Naturopath was found in the city of Corona, CA.
"""My medical philosophy is grounded in the commitment that personalized medicine brings the best results: well thought out, scientific, safe and effective. To optimize care treatment plans are determined through your unique medical history and cutting edge diagnostics. Programs are designed with the best natural medicines in biomedical research evidence. Focus is also on creating a restorative process through classical homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy and lifestyle modifications. I treat a variety of medical concerns. My practice encompasses a wide scope including family medicine, anti-aging, holistic hormonal management and pain management. For more information visit or call (949)-444-4884"
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"As a naturopathic doctor, I understand that each patient is unique with individual needs and questions regarding their personal healthcare. I attend to these needs using the timeless naturopathic philosophy of treating the whole person and addressing the underlying cause of disease. I believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal and encourage this ability primarily with the use of natural therapies. I spend a minimum of one hour with each new patient and in addition to follow-up office visits I make myself personally available by phone and e-mail. Please feel free to contact me further."
"We offer preventive, diagnostic and natural therapeutic services for a wide array of acute and chronic medical conditions. We treat men, women and children of all ages."
"I am a licensed naturopathic doctor offering integrative healthcare to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. My background and clinical training has given me a unique perspective in providing integrative healthcare that blends the best of conventional medicine with evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in order to achieve optimal health and wellness for my patients."
"Straight Nutrition, Your Natural Health Gateway where Vitality is Created by Nutrients, not Drugs. Our Purpose: Building Strong Minds and Strong Bodies providing a balanced, non-medical solution involving a drugless approach to your health. As your accountability partner, we're coming along side of you to assist you in achieving your goals. By utilizing evidence based nutrition, we provide you the tools necessary to operate at your peak performance. It's not brain surgery, it's just... Straight Nutrition!"
Office is near:
Temecula, California 92589
(760) 517-8528
"It can be heart-wrenching and devastating not being able to conceive the baby of your dreams. We hear you. We are here to help. Our signature Fertility Formula is the most effective way to get you pregnant and have the healthiest baby possible. Crafted to uncover the underlying causes of your fertility struggles, directly address and correct those causes, and optimize the most important aspects of your health, the Fertility Formula is your lifeline to your dream family. I want to bring back hope to your fertility journey!"
Office is near:
Temecula, California 92589
(847) 306-9846
"Dr. Nadia Mistry, ND received her doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle. She received advanced training in homeopathy with Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg of the New England School of Homeopathy. Dr. Mistry also completed additional coursework in nutritional IV therapy. Before attending Bastyr, she graduated Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Computer Science. Dr. Mistry is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher and taught classes in Las Vegas and Seattle prior to medical school."
Office is near:
Riverside, California 92503
(909) 509-5849