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Naturopaths in Redding

Area auto-widened to the state of California - no Naturopaths were found in the city of Redding, CA
Lisa Fillis, Naturopath  in Long Beach
“As a Naturopathic Doctor, I treat the whole person. A visit with me involves looking for the root cause of illness and addressing that, not just doing symptom relief. I enjoy spending time with my patients to help them really understand what's happening in their body. Western medicine has a "one size fits all" mentality, but we know that each person has different needs and doesn't always fit in the box.
(562) 445-4627
Long Beach, California 90815
Kristi Lou Wrightson, Naturopath  in Santa Barbara
“I am a board-certified, licensed Naturopathic Doctor as well as a Registered Dietitian with a masters in nutrition. At Nest Integrative Medicine Spa I work with Dr. John Paulus as well as a staff of professionals to combine the best of traditional and natural medicine with preventative and anti-aging treatments.
(805) 770-2607
Santa Barbara, California 93101
Melissa Gastellum, Naturopath  in Pasadena
“Dr. Melissa Gastellum received her doctoral degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, AZ. She received advanced training in classical homeopathy with Dr. Andre Saine at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in Montreal. After graduating she completed an intensive in-patient internship program at TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA, focusing on medically supervised water-only fasting and has done additional training in nutritional IV therapy.
(626) 498-1168
Pasadena, California 91104
Naturopathic Wellness Center, Naturopath  in El Segundo
“Prevention based primary health care specializing in Womens Health, Pediatrics and Thyroid Conditions. Make your health a priority and use naturopathic medicine to safely and effectively treat the root cause of your condition. The heartbeat of my practice is patient focused health care to restore, rejuvenate and rebuild the foundation to create health!
(562) 354-8267
El Segundo, California 90245
Erica Cowan, Naturopath  in Laguna Beach
“Dr. Erica Cowan is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Element Health Inc., a naturopathic medical practice in the heart of Laguna Beach. Dr. Cowan is also a clinic supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic. Dr. Cowan completed her undergraduate studies with honors in psychology at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, and her post-graduate doctoral training in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Toronto, Ontario.
(949) 238-6012
Laguna Beach, California 92651
Aarti Patel, Naturopath  in Oakland
“Dr. Aarti Patel, N.D. practices naturopathic medicine in the East Bay of San Francisco. She specializes in women's health, natural hormone replacement for women and men, dermatology and skin conditions, chronic fatigue, preventive healthcare, stress management, and natural treatment of chronic conditions such as thyroid imbalance and diabetes. She enjoys tailoring natural health to the individual, and coming up with effective, creative, and user-friendly treatments that benefit patients both short and long-term.
(510) 587-9153
Oakland, California 94610
Jolene Brighten, Naturopath  in Oakland
“I believe health encompasses every aspect of our being. From the food we eat to our thoughts, we have the ability to create the life we want to be living. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor I practice integrative family medicine, which means I am able to provide my patients with a broad scope of treatment options while educating them about their choices. I offer both acute and chronic disease management, with a focus in women's health, sports medicine and pelvic floor dysfunction. I am a Certified Holistic Pelvic Care Specialist and Certified Yoga Instructor.
(510) 985-4044
Oakland, California 94610
Stacey Kupperman, Naturopath  in Hollywood
“We are a Los Angeles based holistic medical practice focused on providing patients of all ages with a safe, more natural approach to healthcare. Our Naturopathic approach is the "fusion" of the very best aspects of all medicines, including conventional and alternative fields of medicine. Too often, people feel that they must choose between traditional medicine and more natural healing methods. At HealthFusion, we combine both worlds so patients do not have to choose one medical approach at the exclusion of others.
(310) 740-9883
Hollywood, California 90028
Elk Grove Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopath  in Elk Grove
“As a Naturopathic Doctor, my goals are to identify & address the root cause(s) of the health condition(s), use safe & effect natural therapies, and promote disease prevention through education. There is a time and place for all types of medicine...It's important to have options when it comes to healthcare decisions.
(916) 502-8390
Elk Grove, California 95624
Melody Wong, Naturopath  in Burlingame
“Dr. Wong has years of experience in diagnosing and treating chronic and acute conditions with natural, non-invasive therapies. Having studied under NAET creator, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, she is a highly accomplished NAET practitioner with one of the highest success rates of allergy elimination in the industry. Dr. Melody Wong specializes in the following areas of practice: ~NAET (Allergy Elimination Therapy for food, environmental, chemical) ~Chronic Illness (GI disorders, fatigue, sinusitis, etc.) ~Pediatric health care (asthma, eczema, colds/flu, ADD/ADHD, etc.) ~Women's health (hormonal imbalances, PMS, menopause, infertility, etc.) ~Detoxification and Weight Loss ~Musculoskeletal conditions/ Pain Management
(650) 409-7985
Burlingame, California 94010
Marin Center for Natural Medicine, Naturopath  in Larkspur
“I specialize in the treatment of joint pain, chronic and/or acute. Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Prolozone Therapy, regeneration of cartilage in the affected joint is stimulated. Joints that used to hurt become stronger and more stable. My patients are able to reclaim their lives and live pain free again.
(415) 364-8954
Larkspur, California 94939
Kristin Stiles Green, Naturopath  in Thousand Oaks
“As a naturopathic doctor I focus on restoring health and preventing disease. I will work to determine the root cause of your health issues and partner with you to develop an individualized program. This will emphasize using the safest, most effective, natural medicines available. I believe strongly in "practicing what I preach" and therefore I live my life with integrity and practice the same level of commitment to diet, health, exercise and wellness that I ask of my patients. I will never ask you to do something that I have not tried myself or am not currently doing, myself.
(818) 924-4169
Thousand Oaks, California 91360
Jonathan Kalman, Naturopath  in Poway
“Restorative Medicine is a therapeutic approach aimed at restoring organ function and endocrine balance on a functional level such that, cellular, metabolic, and functional improvements can be long lasting reducing the need for multiple pharmaceutical interventions. Restorative Medicine seeks to cure the causes of chronic musculoskeletal pain by healing damage and degeneration of connective tissue caused by traumatic injuries and repetitive motion injuries. This is accomplished by injecting natural substances or one's own blood platelets and tissue stem cells directly into the problem areas in order to regenerate healthy tissue.
(619) 754-4772
Poway, California 92064
Optimal Health Center, Naturopath  in Palm Desert
“As a naturopathic doctor, I understand that each patient is unique with individual needs and questions regarding their personal healthcare. I attend to these needs using the timeless naturopathic philosophy of treating the whole person and addressing the underlying cause of disease. I believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal and encourage this ability primarily with the use of natural therapies. I spend a minimum of one hour with each new patient and in addition to follow-up office visits I make myself personally available by phone and e-mail. Please feel free to contact me further.
(760) 568-2598
Palm Desert, California 92260
Lindsay N Jones-Born, Naturopath  in Alameda
“I am a Naturopathic doctor, utilizing integrative medicine to focus on chronic disease, with a strong interest in women's health, geriatrics and underserved populations. I have extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic medicine, environmental medicine, nature cure and diet and nutrient therapies. Additional training in advanced gynecology, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, homeless women and teen care, IV therapy, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and biotherapeutic drainage.
(510) 213-6420
Alameda, California 94501
Lilian Au, Naturopath  in Pasadena
“Dr. Lily's focus is in Pediatrics and Family Practice, working particularly with Women, Infants and Children. She treats a variety of acute illnesses and chronic conditions as well as wellness care for adults and children. Her passion is to work on preventive care for children as well as help to improve the overall health of the whole family. She is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She received Bachelor degrees in Biology and Chemistry at Indiana University - Bloomington. She currently serves as the Membership Committee Chair for the California Naturopathic Doctors Association.
(626) 594-4034
Pasadena, California 91104
Emily Longwill, Naturopath  in Ventura
“As a primary care naturopathic doctor, I place a strong emphasis on disease prevention, patient education, and a holistic approach to healthcare. I see patients of all ages for preventative care, as well as acute and chronic illnesses. Additionally, I focus on natural approaches to cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, environmental, and women's health problems. I utilize nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, bio-identical hormones, intravenous therapy, and lifestyle counseling to meet the varied needs of my patients.
(805) 491-4525
Ventura, California 93003
Dr. Toni Varela, ND, Naturopath  in San Francisco
“My intention for each client is to reach their potential holistically by uncovering the root causes of ill health, rather than merely suppressing or eliminating symptoms, and resolving their most difficult health challenges. I always encourage questions, and information about the broad spectrum of innovative and highly specialized diagnostic tools, natural therapies, and medicines used are readily available. What mainstream medical professionals often overlook in their examinations, diagnosis and treatment, I intentionally pursue. There are often multiple hidden influences that cause illness. Environmental toxins, hidden chronic infections, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and interrelated dental problems are all meaningful factors considered.
(925) 234-9175
San Francisco, California 94123
Shinshan Wang, Naturopath  in South Pasadena
“Our mission is to help you reach your optimal health goals through individualized care. We recognize that each person living with the same condition do not necessarily have the same experiences and daily challenges. We respect your unique journey in life and therefore we address the underlying causes while treating the whole person on the mental, emotional, and physical levels.
(626) 415-5821
South Pasadena, California 91030
NorCal Center for Lifestyle Medicine, Naturopath  in Folsom
“As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, my passion is helping patients create optimal health and happiness. Patients come seeking support and advice for concerns related to the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases including cardiovascular conditions, metabolic syndrome, CFS, gastrointestinal problems, migraines, hormonal and thyroid problems, ADD/ADHD in children and congenital heart defect lifestyle management. Statistics show that 7 of 10 deaths in the US are from chronic disease of which 70% are attributed to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Our Center partners with you to create individualized lifestyle medicine programs focused on taking personal responsibility over your health and happiness.
(916) 235-8663
Folsom, California 95630
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How to tell if Naturopathy is right for me?
A Redding naturopath is a practitioner of naturopathy, a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself. Redding Naturopaths improve health by treating the person holistically, tapping a person's own internal body, mind, and spirit resources. Naturopathy comprises a blend of different therapies, all attempting to restore the body to health in the most natural, noninvasive way possible by stimulating the body's own healing powers.
About Redding Naturopaths?
Graduates from accredited naturopathic medical schools may use the academic title 'Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine' or 'ND' but there is no standardized professional title in all states (see below). Accredited Naturopathic Doctors in Redding generally practice as primary care providers of naturopathic medicine preferring to use a holistic approach with natural remedies such as medicinal herbs and foods rather than conventional drugs.
Insurance and licensing for Naturopaths in Redding?
Jurisdictions that regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine and where professionals may acccept insurance include Arizona, New Hampshire (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine); Oregon, Utah, Washington (Naturopathic Physician); Minnesota (Naturopathic Doctor); Alaska, California (including Traditional Naturopaths), Colorado, Kansas, Maine (Naturopathic Doctor); Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho (excluding Traditional Naturopaths), Montana, Vermont (Naturopathic Physician); and North Dakota (Naturopath). In Canada, Manitoba (Doctor of Naturopathy); Saskatchewan , Nova Scotia, British Columbia (Naturopathic Physician); and Ontario, British Columbia (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine).